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/ NFT - May 09, 2024


May 09, 2024

Loaded Lions: Mane City Season 2 Live Now

Featuring brand new Factions and Abilities features, and NFT integrations

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Fionn Jordan Illustrates Intricate Worlds Inspired by His Travels

/ Artists - Sep 26, 2022

/ Artists

Sep 26, 2022

Fionn Jordan Illustrates Intricate Worlds Inspired by His Travels

Fionn Jordan discusses his narrative-based NFT debut “Escape From Egret Bridge,” inspired by his travels in East Asia.

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/ Artists - Sep 15, 2022

/ Artists

Sep 15, 2022

Creator Community: Natasha ‘Post Wook’ Chomko

Featuring Natasha “POST WOOK” Chomko, “Creator Community” highlights some of the most interesting creators on the NFT platform.

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/ Celebrities - Aug 01, 2022

/ Celebrities

Aug 01, 2022

T-Pain Mixes Drinks for the Metaverse

T-Pain speaks about the NFT curated collection based on his book of cocktail recipes, “Can I Mix You a Drink?”

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Cypress Hill

/ Drops - May 27, 2022

/ Drops

May 27, 2022

Cypress Hill is ‘Certified’ in the Metaverse

Legendary hip-hop group Cypress Hill has enlisted the services of NFT artist Tillavision for a NFT curated collection set to the song “Certified” from their new album, “Back in Black.”

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/ Celebrities - Apr 14, 2022

/ Celebrities

Apr 14, 2022

Aloe Blacc and Philip Lumbang Set a New Standard for Music NFTs

Multi-platinum singer Aloe Blacc and world-famous street artist Philip Lumbang speak on raising the bar for music in the metaverse with their community-focused NFT PFP project, “BeatHeadz.”

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Christian Petroni

/ Celebrities - Mar 07, 2022

/ Celebrities

Mar 07, 2022

Christian Petroni Wants You to Eat His NFT

Christian Petroni speaks on his drop with food app 8it that offers NFT collectors their first “Edible NFT.”

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/ Artists - Feb 22, 2022

/ Artists

Feb 22, 2022

The ‘AlphaBot Society’ Revolution Will Not Be Fungible

“AlphaBot Society” creators Travis Ragsdale and Cody James speak on their community-driven story-based PFP project.

Read more - 17 minutes

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