Loaded Lions: Mane City Season 2 Live Now

Featuring brand new Factions and Abilities features, and NFT integrations

May 09, 2024

Singapore — 9 May 2024Ever since its launch on the Cronos blockchain in August 2023, Loaded Lions: Mane City has been a roaring success! The game has garnered over 17,000 players and more than US$1.26 million of in-game transactions in less than a year. Season 1’s main Competitive Mode event, Rise of the Golden City, concluded with an astonishing total prize pool worth US$246,000! To date, Loaded Lions: Mane City has given out more than US$400,000 worth of CRO redemption rewards and bonus NFTs. 

The Loaded Lions: Mane City tycoon simulator game started with players designing and building their dream cities. However, with Season 2, players will also have the power to launch attacks on their fellow tycoons and the ability to defend themselves from onslaughts. No one’s leaderboard ranking is safe until the season is over. That’s not all. The integration of new Crypto.com NFT collections will add an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the gameplay for every tycoon. 

More of Season 2’s exciting details are included below! 

New Features to Intensify In-Game Rivalries 

Once the Dark Lions entered the Loaded Lions ecosystem, the battle for Mane City ignited. Thus, the team worked hard to develop two new systems to showcase the rivalry between the Dark Lions and the Loaded Lions 一 Factions and Abilities. The introduction of these features has taken Mane City to the next level, allowing players to now attack other tycoons and defend themselves accordingly. This forces them to factor in a new layer of variables in order to succeed in the game. 


Players will be prompted to select a Faction to align with: The Legion or The Void. Each player’s total amount of gold generated will contribute to how their respective Faction performs. In return, users will also receive Gold Income, Diamond Income, and EXP Gain bonuses based on how well their faction performs at the end of a Competitive Mode event. To promote a balance in how the Factions are selected, higher bonuses will be awarded to players who join the trailing Faction at the time they join the game. 

The Factions system aims to provide players with a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that drastically departs from the gameplay that Loaded Lions: Mane City had in Season 1. May the best Faction win! 


In addition to Factions, attacks and defences will be introduced as part of the Abilities feature. Your Abilities allow you to defend your city from harm while bringing the heat to your fellow tycoons to climb the leaderboard even quicker. Each attack affects a tycoon’s Gold and/or Diamond income bonus differently, and your Abilities work best on players ranked closest to you on the leaderboard. You’ll need to strategise carefully to maximise the effectiveness of your attacks. 

Welcome the ‘Dark Lions’ and the ‘Tactical Gear’ NFT Collections

The ‘Dark Lions’ NFT collection launched in December 2023. These warriors are the Loaded Lions’ archenemies, having the burning desire to rule over Mane City. The ‘Crypto.com Tactical Gear’ NFT collection launched in March 2024, with its main utility being to enhance the effects of your attacks and defences. The integration of these two collections is a literal game changer for Mane City Season 2 as players will have to kit themselves out with the perfect combination of NFTs to maximise the strength of their Abilities. 

World Series II: The Great War 

Loaded Lions: Mane City’s second World Series Competitive Mode event will commence in Q3 this year, dubbed The Great War. This event will see the long-awaited battle between the Loaded Lions and the Dark Lions, and it will determine which Faction emerges victorious. It’s the time to start loading up your weapons and armours, and fully equip yourself for The Great War!

Mane City has distributed over US$400,000 worth of redemption rewards, and with the anticipation surrounding the Season 2 update and the epic showdown between the Lions, this will be the most exhilarating Competitive Mode event yet! 

Strategy and gameplay in Normal Mode has also become more crucial. The higher your rank in Normal Mode’s leaderboard, the more bonuses you’ll enjoy. However, these bonuses are not just limited to Normal Mode, extending to Competitive Mode events too. 

Start Playing Loaded Lions: Mane City Now 

Loaded Lions: Mane City has been committed to enhancing player engagement and elevating gameplay by implementing an array of exciting features. These include the Achievements system and Daily Spins feature. And don’t forget the regular Competitive Mode events with attractive prize pools. 

With Season 2 promising the integration of the ‘Dark Lions’ and ‘Crypto.com Tactical Gear’, an Attack and Defence system, and the ability for players to choose a Faction, you can anticipate an even more thrilling adventure ahead. 

We’ll also be working towards expanding the ease of access to Loaded Lions: Mane City, where new players can simply create an account with their email address and start playing immediately. This feature will be arriving before World Series 2: The Great War starts.

About the Loaded Lions

Loaded Lions’ is the debut and flagship NFT collection of Crypto.com. This collection was the very first platform-owned profile picture (PFP) project launched in the NFT space, consisting of 10,000 unique, algorithmically-generated PFPs.

Every single trait – from hairstyle and costume, to accessories – is hand drawn by Crypto.com’s creative team. Each ‘Loaded Lions’ NFT comprises a unique combination of 150 different traits, with each having varying levels of rarity.

Owners of ‘Loaded Lions’ NFTs gain exclusive membership to Crypto.com’s Mane Net, a special community with tantalising benefits, including VIP experiences, unique giveaways, and priority access to other Crypto.com NFT drops and initiatives. 

About Crypto.com     

Founded in 2016, Crypto.com is trusted by more than 100 million customers worldwide and is the industry leader in regulatory compliance, security and privacy. Our vision is simple: Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™. Crypto.com is committed to accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency through innovation. Learn more at https://crypto.com.

About Cronos

Cronos (cronos.org) is the leading Ethereum-compatible Layer-1 blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by Crypto.com and more than 500 app developers and partners. Today, the #CROFam ecosystem represents an addressable user base of more than 80 million people worldwide. Our mission is to make it easy and safe for the next billion crypto users to adopt Web3, with a focus on decentralised applications in the DeFi, NFT and GameFi verticals.

Shortly after its launch in November 2021, Cronos achieved a top 10 position among all blockchains by TVL. It is home to more than 1 million users and 500+ dApps.

Transaction fees are paid in Cronos ($CRO), a blue chip cryptocurrency.The Cronos ecosystem is supported by Cronos Labs, the start-up accelerator of the Cronos chain.

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